Checking Your Smoke Detector

Your Smoke Detector is an important safety feature that your unit has which is also connected to the building’s fire alarm system. Here’s how you can replace it if and when its batter has died or needs to be replaced!

Adjustments on Your Fire Place

Here’s a quick video about your fireplace and where to find some secret switches that can not just turn on the nice light, but also allow it to push out heat! Something about this unit took us by surprise which showed an example of what a fireplace is like when it doesn’t work!

Shower Caulking and Grout

Regent Century Park was built a several years ago now, and like any dwelling, it’s a good idea to check on the grout and caulking to ensure there is a good seal in your shower! Any water damage as a result of water leaking through units is the responsibility of the owner, so this is […]

Communication Panel

Lots of questions about the internet and communications panel! Check out this video, and if you need to contact Shaw for anything, we’ve listed the steps below! – Call Shaw Home Service – Notify customer service that you’re a Bulk Customer from Regent Century Park (give them the address) to help them find the account […]

Rebooting Your Heat Pump

Sometimes, a red light may come on your thermostat and it will not produce any heat. Here’s one way you can get it working again!

Changing Lightbulbs

The lights in Regent Century Park are super simple to change, but because there’s no visible entry, not everyone knows how. So we made the video!

How to Replace Your Heat Pump Filters

Your heat pump draws in fresh air and both heats and cools it before sending it throughout your unit. If you don’t keep the filters fresh, the air in your unit will get dirtier and eventually, the heat pump will wear out from working too hard. Here’s how to change the filter!