Changing Furnace Filter

Ensure your furnace operates with maximum efficiency and clean air! Change your filters 3-4 times a year (or when the filter is visibly dirty). This video shows you exactly where to find and replace it.

Sink Water Shutoff

If you have a leaky faucet, or need to conduct some work with your sink, it’s important to know where the water shut offs are! We’ve got some examples to guide you to the right place.

Main Water Shutoff

In case there’s an emergency with your water, this is how you can immediately turn it off to save yourself from water damage!

Conducting Upgrades

We all take pride in our property and it’s wonderful if you can make it your own. Be sure that the upgrades are compliant with the condo board. Here’s a quick guide.

Common Area Details

What are the different areas around Arrive at Allard? Some are more ‘common’ than others. Some are taken care of the condo corporation, and others are managed by you. In this video, Tom gives some examples.

Breaker Panel

Sometimes, your plugins and lights might randomly go out, especially if they are under heavy load. Tom will demonstrate to you how to find the breaker panel and reset a flipped switch. Also, if you need to conduct some work, these are the steps you can take to conduct the work safely.